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Lessons from my mother;


1. When leaving a room, always take something with you that belongs in the room you are going

2. The food on your plate should be colorful and beautiful (meaning lots of fruit and veggies)

3. Your job in life should be something you love


I haven’t always heeded my mother’s advice, sometimes I leave one messy room to go into another messy room, knowing full well that the laundry on the couch really should be put away.

My kids will tell you that lesson #2 doesn’t always happen...sometimes it’s just a mac n cheese night.

However, the 3rd lesson I have taken to heart and made my life, in photography.


After graduating from Truman State University, I worked in Japan as an Elementary School teacher for two years. My love of children and travel brought me to Japan. Marriage to my wonderful husband brought me back home to Missouri.


Once back home in St Louis I obtained a job at what once was Famous Barr as an Advertising/Fashion Stylist and then as an Advertising/Fashion Stylist for Macy’s. This job gave me the opportunity to work and experience firsthand commercial photography and gave me a wonderful creative outlet.


Then two life changing events occurred almost simultaneously, I got pregnant, YEAH!!!!! And Macy’s decided to shut Midwest headquarters in St. Louis, BOOOO!!!!!...or so I thought at the time:)


After Macy’s came the best and most rewarding job yet, being a mom to my beautiful, much photographed daughter. Motherhood is the most treasured and humbling experience that I could imagine. I look at photographs from the past, which feel like yesterday and forever all at the same time, and am taken back to the feel of those baby fat cheeks, that sweet scent only babies possess, the time of 2am feeding sessions, wobbly baby steps with arms outstretched to the person they know will catch them and just the complete innocent zest for life...and I smile.


The joy I feel when looking at photos of my kids is the same emotion I want to share. I want my images to tug at your heart. I want to create timeless portraits that show your child's individuality in an honest and comforting way. I want to help you capture the wonderful moments that we all take for granted and have a difficulty remembering. This is where my mother’s 3rd lesson comes in... the ultimate question... what should I do with my life? What will bring me professional joy? The answer had been staring right at me. The hobby I loved since I could remember, the photography classes in high school and college, the photographic internships in college. Do what I love; it seemed like such a simple answer!


Since 2007 I have been enjoying my “life work” to the fullest! I’m blessed to say I get to be with my children everyday and still be able to give parents and parents- to- be beautifully captured moments that will last a lifetime. I want every parent to feel the joy of looking at photographs from the past and reliving the experience and feel the gratitude of what you have been given... and smile.

I love motherhood. I love and feel honored with each family that allows me into their lives. I love capturing the connection within each family. I love my “job." However, I think it’s going to be a mac n cheese night:)


my family photos courtesy of Katharine Roberds Photography